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"A useful tool that empowers both the chronic pain sufferer and the therapist by providing hands on information and advice on the treatment of pain".
For all your physio and medical course needs visit www.club-physio.net;or email info@club-physio.net; fizzpop1@iafrica.com

Featured Links
South African Society of Physiotherapy   Representative body for physiotherapists in South Africa
Web based scheduling service that is primarily focusing on providing affordable scheduling solutions to the para medical and allied health sectors
Biokinetics Association of S.A   Representative body for Biokineticists in South Africa

Medpages   Listings for physiotherapists, doctors, clinics etc.
Medikredit   Nappi codes and more

WebMD   Medical reference library and much more
ihm.nlm.nih.gov   Images from the history of medicine
nlm.nih.gov   U.S National library of medicine
Medscape   Current research, health tips and search engine
Mayoclinic   Information on diseases and treatments

Education and Training
TechnoCity   Ultrasound and diagnostic training

Software and video
Clinicians-view   Clinical videos
Posture Pro   Therapy software
Physiotools   Physiotools software

Books, reading etc.
Free Medical Journals   Large selection of free medical journals
BMJ   British medical journal - latest medical research

HPCSA   Health professions council of S.A
Medical Schemes.com   Council for medical schemes, medical aid listings etc.
S.A.M.A   South African Medical Organisation
FDA   Food and drug administration (USA) - registered drugs and drug interactions etc.
WHO   World Health Organisation - information on diseases, treatments and health policy

Hospitals / clinics etc.
Medi Clinic   All the Medi-Clinics

Physio Sites
Physicaltherapytalk.com   Advice and much more
Physicaltherapist.com   Physio related
Ptglobal.net   Knowledgebase with other physio related info
Physio.co.za   S.A Physio portal

Product Related
Theprogrp.com   Surface EMG biofeedback devices
Terapimaster.com   Active treatment and exercise with sling exercise therapy (S.E.T)


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Some of the information provided on this website is derived from the writings of doctors, physiotherapists and related practitioners.
It is not meant to replace the services of your physiotherapist or physician, but only to offer educational information.

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